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Winter Skin Survival Guide

Happy and Healthy 2019, friend! The cold and wet climate is hard on our body. Time spent indoors with the heat blasting can quickly dehydrate our skin. To help you stay on track, I'm sharing my Winter Skin Survival Guide with the 5 products I'm using to stay on top of dry hair, skin and nails.

Watch My Winter Skin Survival Video here!



Resistance Masque Extensioniste Hair Mask

I really make a habit out of using a hair mask in the Winter. Not only does the Extensioniste mask from Kerastase add moisture and smoothness to my frizzy-prone hair, but this one specifically helps to strengthen and lengthen hair. Watch my video for a trick to applying hair masks!


Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique

Micronutrient + Hydro Mask

This is the time of year when my skin is in desperate need of extra moisture. I need to minimize tight dry skin that’s red, breaking out and inflammed from the weather (ahem..and my naughty eating habits this Winter). Investing in a mask like this will revive depleted skin, restore barrier function and stabilize skin so it’s healthy and protected.


Wander Beauty

Beach Balm in Siesta

Wander Beauty is a new-to-me brand that recently launched in Sephora and at Nordstrom. They sent me a box of products to try out—everything from concealer and eyeshadow to under-eye patches. The twist up applicator and the sheer comfortable feeling of the balm on my lips is a major win.


Ren Skincare

Atlantic Kelp & Microalgae Anti Fatique Toning Body Oil

If you've never tried Ren bath and body products, you're in for a real treat! This is a beloved brand from the UK where I know the ladies take their baths and self-care routines seriously. Oils are important to use on the body to penetrate skin for long lasting hydration. The scent is soft and soothing and will help relax your tired muscles and mind.


Rik Rak

Gardenia Greenleaf Hand Cream

This is a delightful little hand cream I found at a hotel in NYC. It's uplifting and lovely with gardenia, rose and vanilla. It's not greasy so you can go back to work or drive (I also like keeping hand cream at my desk and in the car!).

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