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How To Apply Cream Blush

Hi Everyone! Today is a viewer requested video: How To Apply Cream Blush! It's a great time of year to review blush application because the texture of cream blush really comes in handy on dry Winter skin. Most of us are now seeing the dry, dulling effect on our skin from experiencing some of the coldest days of the year (Hi, Winter vortex). Can it be Spring already, please? I'm SO ready for warmth and sunshine!! In this video, I share two of my blush applications styles you can start using immediately on your own skin and bring back a healthful Winter glow.

The first technique is to apply cream blush to the "apple of the cheek". Don't worry if you don't know where that is, I'll show you. This is a great little makeup trick to use when you're feeling "blah" (Winter weather can do that!), after you've been traveling or anytime you're feeling tired.

The second blush technique contours cheeks for a lifted and softly sculpted effect. I prefer to apply a contoured blush when I want to enhance the natural bone structure of the face. This blush style gives a professional and polished look.

I hope you enjoy this mini makeup lesson. Play around, see what you think and let me know how wearing cream blush is working out for you! Xx Mikaela

Watch my How To Apply Cream Blush video here!


Kjaer Weis

Cream Blush in Reverence

Cream blush can be formulated into sticks, pots, compacts, squeeze tubes and more. In the video, I used Reverence from Kjaer Weis to demonstrate the two application techniques I use most. You can experiment applying blush with your fingertips with any of your favorite cream blushes!

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