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On The Glow | Biologique Recherche LED Facial At Spa Radiance in San Francisco

In Episode 3 of On The Glow, I visit Spa Radiance in San Francisco for a customized LED facial with Biologique Rechereche and Luzurn skincare products.

Angelina, the founder of Spa Radiance, shares important skincare information about cleansing skin, how-to address aging skin, red skin, pores and capillaries. She also explains the importance of customized facials and skincare, the benefits of LED light, lymphatic massage, oxygen and masking.

Even if you can’t visit Spa Radiance, this episode is jammed packed with skin and product tips. I know you’re curious about skincare and you want to learn about the best treatments and products available, that’s why I can’t wait to share this episode with you! After you watch, leave me comment under the video, email me (if you prefer) or send me a DM on instagram so we can connect! xMikaela

Watch episode 3 here!


Biologique Recherche

Lait U

Milky cleanser. Milky cleanser. Milky cleanser! Angelina agrees that cleansing is one of the MOST important steps to any skincare routine. She recommends using a double cleanse method (we love that!) with a milky cleanser to remove makeup and impurities. I'm ready to start using her favorite Lait U from Biologique Rechereche, how about you?


Biologique Recherche

Masque Vip o2

Masking everyday? You heard her! Masking everyday for one month will surge the skin with vital nutrients to help get skin into proper alignment. After the one month masking ritual, she recommends continuing with a mask treatment a few times a week. *The right mask should be customized for each individual.


Biologique Recherche

Cryo Sticks

I thought I had it going on with the ice roller from skin derma that I found on amazon...that was until she used the Biologique cryo sticks on me during the facial. The medium sized cold spoons navigate facial contours like a dream (something the roller just can't do). I love how she's able to gently glide them under and around the eyes. Wish listing these now!


*For more information about Biologique Recherche, I recommend calling Spa Radiance to order products. Very few spa's in the United States are partnered to sell Biologique Recherche products (from Paris) and Angelina's team at Spa Radiance will be able to guide you to products that will be best for your skin.

Spa Radiance is kindly offering my viewers 20% off any spa treatment. *The discount is applied to new clients and valid once. Use the code Mikaela20 when booking your service. So thrilled to share one of my favorite spa's with you. Enjoy!

Spa Radiance

3011 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA 94123



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