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California Live | NBC: High Tech Beauty Devices

This week on California Live, I shared the latest high-tech beauty devices–everything from an LED light treatment to an Alexa enabled makeup mirror! I had so much fun putting this segment together. If you want to shop any of the products from the segment, I included additional information about each product and linked them below. Thanks so much for watching!


Dr. Dennis Gross

SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

LED light treatments treat a range of skin issues from sun damage, uneven skin tone, fine lines and breakouts. Treatments are pricey and performed with a professional. I'm so excited to find a safe and effective way to use LED light at home! This is an FDA-cleared mask with serious clinically tested results! You can choose to use red light (stimulates collagen and elastin) and blue light (helps to destroy blemish causing bacteria)!


S Caray Ray

We've seen the jade and crystal rollers. Now, meet the super-powered microcurrent roller! Massaging the skin is a great way to naturally tone and tighten skin. The Refa Roller is designed to mimic esthetician’s fingers to knead, massage and lift the skin. It was two platinum, multi-angular rollers with a solar panel to generate a low-level soothing microcurrent. This size is great for use around the eyes and lips.



One Step Dryer and Volumizer

I had a freak out moment over this new hair tool! I've seen this concept before, but it was never executed well. Allow me to introduce you to the One Step Dryer and Volumizer! Think: round brush meets hairdryer in one tool! Trying to give yourself a blowout at home is hard to do. One hand has a brush, the other hand has a dryer. With this tool, hair doesn't get tangled–major win! And, it dries hair and adds volume and bounce –genius!


Simple Human

Hi-Fi Sensor Mirror

Good lighting is so important when doing your makeup! This mirror uses a color rendering index to simulate natural sunlight. It automatically lights up when you look in the mirror and it adjusts to the brightness level that's perfect for your setting. There’s a light control bar so you can set it and adjust to sunlight all the way to candlelight! I love that it has built in Alexa so you can play your favorite music while getting ready, listen to a podcast...get the weather! Multi-task while your doing your makeup!


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