Foundation Week | Pat McGrath Skin Fetish

It's FOUNDATION week on my YouTube channel! As a professional makeup artist, foundation is one of the most important tools in my makeup collection to enhance skin!

I'm sharing the top 5 foundations requested on instagram a few weeks back. I asked what brands you wanted to see, what finish, texture and formulas you preferred–these are the top foundations requested! In today's foundation tutorial, I'm using the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish foundation.


Monday | Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation

Tuesday | Surratt Dew Drop Foundation

Wednesday | Pat McGraph Skin Fetish Foundation

Thursday | Koh Gen Do Aqua Moisture Foundation

Friday | Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick

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xo ~ Mikaela

Pat McGrath

Skin Fetish

The Skin Fetish foundation has what I would call a classic foundation finish. If you don't want a glowing foundation yet you don't want matte either...this foundation nails it perfectly in between with a natural finish. The creamy nature of the formula is well suited to be blended with your fingertips or you can use a brush or sponge (your preference). I like to apply a thin layer first with my fingers then build coverage with the foundation brush.

Pat McGrath

Sublime Perfection Foundation Brush

Again, another classic here with a dome shaped foundation brush. If you don't have one yet in your collection, I would pick this up. The synthetic bristles in this shape really allows for a sweeping, smooth motions when blending your foundation.

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