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Beauty and Wellness: Tips For Starting A Vegetable Garden

A few years ago, I started growing herbs and a few vegetable plants in my raised garden beds. I quickly fell in love with choosing which plants I wanted to grow and how I might cook with them in my kitchen during the Summer. I started looking forward to checking daily growth, watering and figuring out how best to support the plants at each stage.

Being a beginner gardener has its highs (sweet and juicy vine ripened tomatoes) and lows (saying g'bye to your herbs from over pruning), but the process has been an incredibly rewarding creative outlet. When your first strawberry is ready for harvest or when you discover you have cilantro on-hand for taco night-you'll be so excited and proud to bring homegrown food to your table. I love having fresh produce and herbs to pick for dinner or sharing a jar of homemade pesto with a friend.

This year, I designed my raised beds using an online tool (free). You can easily enter the dimensions of your gardening space and begin to plan. It's helpful to know in advance of visiting your gardening store or ordering seeds online, how many plants you want to grow. You can start your own plan here.

I've been sharing instagram updates on my garden and I'm happy so many of you have started or are interested in starting your own kitchen or backyard garden! I put this video together as a guide to help you get started with the basics. What are you most excited to grow?

The image below is roundup of my favorite gardening products. Everything is shoppable by clicking on the item you're interested in!

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, many gardening stores are open during the Shelter In Place order and have curbside or delivery options available:

SF Bay Area Stores:

Sloat Garden Bay Area

Mill Valley #415-388-0102

(9 locations throughout Bay Area:Novato, Mill Valley, San Francisco, Concord and more).

Curbside and delivery options available. Check individual store for details.

Green Jeans (Marin County)


East Bay Nursery


Limited Access indoors

*respectful, safe and social distancing shopping required.

Summer Winds Nursery (Campbell, Palo Alto & Cupertino).

Pick Up and Delivery Only

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