California Live | Makeup Tips and Tricks To Look And Feel Your Best On Your Video Calls

Last week on California Live, I shared my favorite makeup tips and tricks for feeling and looking your best on all your virtual calls from home! Many of us are juggling a lot right now at home between calls, preparing meals, kids etc. and with just a few makeup tricks you can quickly make a big impact. In case you missed it, you can click on the link below to watch. I included additional information about each product I used and linked them below so you can shop. Thanks for watching!


Isle Of Paradise

Self Tanning Drops

The screen lighting drains your complexion and can make us appear dull and lacking a healthy Summer glow. I have been LOVING using Self Tanning Drops. I add a few drops to my moisturizer 2-3 days a week and it gradually gives you a gorgeous natural looking tan. Completely customizable. I use these at night and when I wake up a tan always makes me feel good and like I’ve been on tropical sunny vacation.


Cloud Paint

Screens can make us look a bit washed out, so pair your tan with a flushed cheek! Choose a gel cream blush for Summer to instantly refresh your complexion. A lightweight formula that sinks into skin rather than looking like it’s sitting on top of skin gives you that ‘lit from within’ natural flush.


Charlotte Tilbury

Eye Color Magic Eyeliner

Wearing a mask covers so much of our face, so your eyes become the main focus. One of the easiest makeup tricks is to define your eyes with a color enhancing eyeliner. If you always grab a brown or black shade, try a colored eyeliner that compliments and intensifies your eyeliner.

For blue eyes, a warm brown or auburn. For hazel eyes, a deep green or khaki. For brown eyes, a sapphire or dark navy. Green eyes, use maroon or deep violet.



Le Camouflage Stylo

One of my favorite makeup tricks to instantly brighten and lift the eyes is to highlight the eyebrow bone. You can use your concealer! Just line the area below your eyebrow following the shape of your brow and blend. Not only does this help to define your eyebrows which help frame the face, but it also makes the brows appear higher and lifted.



Le Rough Lipstick

If you’re talking on calls all day, your lips will become dry. Plus, you don’t want a high maintenance lipstick color to look after. I like to create a lip stain look with my lipsticks. I like to take a bright lipstick and apply it with the finger—really pressing it into the lips so it sinks in creating a lip stain! Also pressing the lips together and doing this method a few times helps the color last longer. Apply a lip balm on top for hydration!


Charlotte Tilbury

Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

Don’t forget powder. The screens can bounce light onto the skin making you look extra shiny. I use a powder down the center of the face and around the nose to mattify and create a soft-focus effect. I always avoid applying powder everywhere. You still want to have a glow so avoid applying to the cheekbones.

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